JBF Freight Transportation Bulletin August 2019

Subscribe to Bulletin Updates Commentary By Mike Mulqueen, JBF Consulting In This Issue: OverviewTrucking RegulationTariff TalkCarrier ArmageddonFreight Economic Conditions and MetricsDAT … [Read more...]

The Three Big Challenges of Fleet Territory Planning

By Claudio Mendez and Mike Mulqueen, JBF Consulting Fleet territory planning or “Re-Routing” is a tactical modeling process used by shippers with pickup, delivery or service truck fleets. The … [Read more...]

JBF Freight Transportation Bulletin

June 2019 | Commentary By Mike Mulqueen, JBF Consulting Subscribe to Bulletin Updates In This Issue: OverviewTrucking RegulationTrade War De-Escalation – Mexico and ChinaFreight Economic … [Read more...]

JBF Freight Transportation Bulletin

May 2019 | Commentary By Mike Mulqueen, JBF Consulting Introduction Back in the early days of Saturday Night Live, Gilda Radner played a consumer-affairs reporter named Roseanne … [Read more...]

JBF Transportation Bulletin – April 2019

April 2019 | Commentary By Mike Mulqueen, JBF Consulting We also encourage you to subscribe to this newsletter to receive future editions. Sharing is highly encouraged! Table of Contents: … [Read more...]

JBF Transportation Bulletin – March 2019

March 2019 | Commentary By Mike Mulqueen, JBF Consulting North American Freight Overview By all accounts, the annual spring surge that we have come to expect in freight transport is slow to arrive … [Read more...]

JBF Transportation Bulletin – February 2019

  Keep Me Updated on Future Transportation Bulletins The JBF Transportation Bulletin  February 2019 | Commentary By Mike Mulqueen, JBF Consulting     Welcome Global … [Read more...]

Is your TMS Adequate or Extraordinary?

One and done? “Don’t worry, Mike.  Phase 2 never comes.”  That was the guidance whispered to me by a fellow consultant I was working with at a TMS kick-off meeting in the mid-1990s.  The shipper, a … [Read more...]

Q&A Part One: Discussing JDA’s Convergence of i2 and Manugistics TMS

Two JDA TMS Consulting Experts - Two Different Perspectives In this first article, we bring the JBF Consulting i2 TMS Lead (Utpal Patel) together with Brad Forester - Managing Partner and TMS … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Management: The Pizza Party

I had an experience over the weekend that I felt had a lot of applicability to my work. We had a "pizza and movie party" for my 6 year old over this past weekend. Friends, a showing of The … [Read more...]