Is your TMS Adequate or Extraordinary?

One and done? “Don’t worry, Mike.  Phase 2 never comes.”  That was the guidance whispered to me by a fellow consultant I was working with at a TMS kick-off meeting in the mid-1990s.  The shipper, a … [Read more...]

Q&A Part One: Discussing JDA’s Convergence of i2 and Manugistics TMS

Two JDA TMS Consulting Experts - Two Different Perspectives In this first article, we bring the JBF Consulting i2 TMS Lead (Utpal Patel) together with Brad Forester - Managing Partner and TMS … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Management: The Pizza Party

I had an experience over the weekend that I felt had a lot of applicability to my work. We had a "pizza and movie party" for my 6 year old over this past weekend. Friends, a showing of The … [Read more...]

The Cost of De-Densification and Obesity

I recently enjoyed reading Dr. Chris Caplice’s fantastic piece on the Supply Chain at MIT Blog, “Impact of Micro Trends on Supply Chains: Densification.” If you’ve never checked out this blog, it’s … [Read more...]

Understanding Supply Chain Technology

Supply chain technology is not the type of thing that stems naturally from having efficient IT tools in place. Case in point - there’s a great article right now on the Wall Street Journal that’s worth … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t Supply Chain Management Systems User Friendly?

User-friendly supply chain management is not always at the forefront of design or purchase. Actually, just putting the phrase out there is akin to saying something like “the easiest walk through the … [Read more...]

Transforming from S&OP to NOW

S&OP is Dead...Long Live S&OP! Recent articles such as “Is the Traditional S&OP Process Outdated and Heading to Extinction?” and “The 'post-S&OP era' – Managing in NOW mode” have … [Read more...]

Empathy in Supply Chain System Design

Supply Chain Systems are like Houses Have you ever worked personally with an architect? My wife and I recently met with a local architect to discuss an expansion of our home office. The process was … [Read more...]

2013 State of Transportation Study

I teamed up with Lora Cecere's group, Supply Chain Insights in 2012-2013 to execute a study to help understand how business complexity and supply chain maturity have impacted the deployment of TMS. … [Read more...]

Webinar Jan 24 1PM EST: 2012 TMS Users Survey

Does your organization use a Transportation Management System (TMS)? If so, do you believe you are utilizing the system you have to its greatest potential? Is transportation optimization important to … [Read more...]