Through many years of packaged software implementations, and countless product & functional tests – it became clear that a forum for advanced Supply Chain applications was needed. I also thought it would be useful for me to actually ‘record’ my thoughts somewhere searchable, so I can revisit later if necessary (which is usually the case).

With that, I envision this forum to become a searchable basket of information around application configuration, test results documentation, implementation best practicies, and other useful items for those working with packaged SCM applications. The writers & contributors will be highly experienced users & implementors of the applications they are writing about. The intent is to share information about the applications with all of those who are in search of answers about things that some may have already figured out.

That being said, this blog is in no way connected to any specific package software vendor – explicitly or implicitly. The results and postings on this blog are not guaranteed accurate in any way, and should be used as only one data-point (or a starting point) for your own questions. The experts posting here have significant experience working with these products. However, we are all human and entitled to make mistakes from time to time.

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