Steve Casas

Steve Casas came to JBF directly from JDA Software where he supported key clients such as Hersheys, ConAgra, and PetSmart as a Support Analyst in Transportation. A proven documentation wiz, Steve led the initial development of JDA’s training library, and he served as the liaison between his many clients and the team at JDA .

Steve particularly loves transportation challenges where he can apply SCM analysis to deliver sound and innovative solutions. A graduate of University of Maryland with a B.S. in Marketing & Supply Chain Management and an MBA, Steve brings more than a decade of solid Transportation knowledge to the JBF team.
A true people person, one of the things that attracted Steve to JBF was the firm’s focus on the individual.

At JBF, no one’s a number. If I have a question or a concern, I can get an immediate response. Everyone here has a highly personal commitment to each other and our business. Our collaborative approach is something that’s tough to come by in larger firms, and I believe it makes a huge difference in what we’re able to offer to our clients.

The majority of Steve’s free moments are spent chasing his 1-year-old from point A to point B to point C – a challenge that brings its own set of logistics dilemmas to the table (or wherever else they may be found). When not chasing their toddler, Steve and his wife love working side-by-side in the kitchen creating interesting meals together.
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  1. Brad Forester says

    Steve – great job on the JNJ 7.6 Transport upgrade! Thank you for your tireless efforts – true dedication.