A Big Move to a Small Box

JBF IconsboxJBF Consulting helps position a large-volume retailer to save millions while improving SCPO runtimes

Since 2004, one of the biggest large-volume retailers in the US had been using JDA Software’s SCPO solution (v7.2) on its original hardware: a 16 CPU AIX Oracle server, supported by 8 Windows servers. Originally recommended to support the retailer’s high SKU volumes and complex SCPO needs, the estimated cost for this environment was $1.6M, plus $400K in Oracle license fees, topped by Oracle’s annual maintenance fee of 20%.

When the retailer recently made the decision to move to a newer version of the JDA Software solution (the company is scheduled to go live on JDA 7.6 in late 2011), it seemed an obvious time to re-evaluate the hardware environment. JBF Consulting was brought in to recommend a more efficient, less costly hardware configuration and evaluate its overall effectiveness.
JDA Software - Client Benefits
JBF’s findings were significant. Testing the new software in both hardware environments using full volumes of actual production data, the team determined that an 8 CPU Linux server could easily support the retailer’s current production rates while delivering a high level of cost savings. The estimated cost of the new smaller server: just $12K. Even better, the new total cost for the production environment would be reduced to an estimated $60K — down from $1.6M using the AIX/Windows configuration. In addition, the size of the smaller Linux server will cut the real estate, air conditioning, and general maintenance costs required by the much larger AIX boxes.

Hardware savings weren’t the only valuable finding. When comparing current runtimes on the existing hardware and software to those using the powerful combination of the Linux hardware, the new version of the JDA Software, and JBF’s careful tuning of the application, JBF validated a runtime reduction of a whopping 50%.

There’s no question that this big move to a small box delivers a great win all around!