Cluster Power!

Cluster Power jbf-consulting

What is clustering? Very simply, it’s an approach that spreads the system load across multiple nodes, each controlled by a single admin server. As a result, performance and speed can be improved, even when bringing on a significant number of additional users.

For JDA Software clients with at least 25 concurrent users, WebLogic clustering may be the answer. WebLogic clustering isn’t new to JDA — it can be applied to versions 7.4 and higher — but the capabilities in the new version 7.7 include a much more client-friendly configuration process, making the benefits even easier to achieve.

Looking for a way to tackle any of these challenges with your JDA Software solution?

  1. Increase the number of supported users
  2. Eliminate system failures
  3. Boost system scalability
  4. Optimize load balancing
  5. Improve overall performance

Kick up the power of your JDA Software
with WebLogic Clusturing

To take advantage of JDA Software’s WebLogic clustering capability, your environment must meet certain basic minimum requirements for hardware, memory, and CPUs. Contact JBF Consulting today to schedule a basic needs analysis (free!) and see if WebLogic clustering is best next step for your JDA Software project.