JBF Launches New Forum

jbf-consulting forum
Zendesk-powered database is open to worldwide JDA/Manugistics user community


Streamlining technology to drive efficiency has always been a primary goal for software developers. But for users of one of the top supply chain management solutions, JDA/Manugistics, there’s never been a streamlined, easy-to-use forum for sharing user experiences, swapping lessons learned, and taking advantage of proven fixes, workarounds, and best practices. Until now.

Using JBF Consulting’s new Support Forum, JDA/Manugistics users can now access a fast-growing, user-powered library of product and support information, with all content easily searchable using Zendesk’s web-based help desk software. The Forum also provides JBF Consulting clients with a distinctive level of post-implementation support, enabling online service request submissions with guaranteed response times based on each client’s service level agreement. “As a JDA/Manugistics user, having immediate access to this library of information is invaluable,” says Jason Pacey, Sr. Manager Systems and Analysis, Supply Chain and Logistics at HAVI Global Solutions. “In the past, I’ve found online support libraries to be either under-populated or dismally unsearchable. Nothing is more frustrating than entering a search term and getting no results when you know the information is buried somewhere deep in the content.”

Using the power of Zendesk’s software, JBF’s Support Forum takes ease-of-use to a new level, providing online access to a library of information more than a decade in the making. With nearly 100 years of collective, hands-on supply chain experience, the team at JBF Consulting has helped many of today’s top companies implement, upgrade, and optimize their JDA/Manugistics-driven supply chains. A handful of the firm’s partners were among the original developers of the Manugistics software, and have spent their careers fine-tuning its use at companies such as Airgas, CHEP, Federal Mogul, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, K-Swiss, Loblaw, and Schreiber Foods. By drawing data from these highly successful projects, users of the Support Forum can leverage deep knowledge in every piece of the software, including Supply Chain Planning and Optimization (SCPO), Demand and Fulfillment Planning, Transportation Management, and CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment).

“Zendesk is all about velocity. We enable companies to create a support forum and help desk faster than any other solution,” says Zack Urlocker, COO of Zendesk. “Zendesk was created to make great customer support easy by enabling faster access to information, faster client support, and a faster rate of business growth. We’re thrilled to see the JDA/Manugistics user community gain a high level of value from the platform through JBF Consulting’s Zendesk-powered Support Forum.”

JBF is not limiting use of the Forum to its client base, but instead is offering open access to the worldwide JDA/Manugistics user community. “Our goal is to continue to build and maintain the largest, most accessible library of JDA/Manugistics information available,” says Brad Forester, JBF’s founding partner. “By opening the doors to the user community at large, we’re supporting the most powerful network of Manugistics experts — the users themselves — and enabling them to work together to empower supply chain excellence.”

Of course, JBF’s goal isn’t entirely altruistic. “The Forum is no substitute for JBF Consulting’s service offerings, but by enabling the user community as a whole, we’re fleshing out everyone’s knowledge base, including our own.”


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