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Global truck manufacturer returns for second JDA Software upgrade

Global Manufacturer JDA Software Upgrade

Global Manufacturer JDA Software Upgrade

Client:        $460M Truck Manufacturer
Location: Seattle, Washington
Type: Technical Upgrade
Applications: JDA Demand Planning & Inventory Fulfillment
JBF Partner: Pawel Sliwinski

JBF Consulting led transition from version 6.4 of JDA Software’s Demand & Fulfillment application to the just-released version 7.21 in 2004. Initial engagement included nearly 100 software customizations to support the company’s sophisticated planning formulas, new features requested by the end users, and complex inbound and outbound interfaces. Building on past success, the company again called on JBF to lead its upgrade to version 7.7., including all previously created back-end customizations, script conversions, and interfaces. Services included:

  1. Software upgrade installation and testing
  2. Custom migration scripting
  3. Back-end functional enhancements
  4. Database creation and scripting
  5. Script conversion and testing
  6. Data migration and testing
  7. Application optimization


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