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JBF Consulting - Reggie Derflinger

Reggie Derflinger brings a unique perspective and breadth to the JBF team, along with a fearless precision attitude. His technical expertise is deep in both Transportation Planning and SCPO, making his knowledge particularly helpful for companies performing simultaneous implementations in both areas. From ensuring clean systems integration and continuity, to troubleshooting and performance tuning, Reggie has a strong reputation for exceeding client expectations every step of the way.

Reggie began his career as a Technical Consultant at Manugistics, where he worked with various Fortune 500 companies, as well as served as a Technical Lead on the Manugistics SAP Integrator product. Reggie spent a total of ten years at Manugistics, and has served JDA/Manugistics users as a third-party consultant for the remainder of his career. Currently a Partner and Senior Technical Consultant at JBF, he has more than 15 years working with clients to implement, integrate, and optimize their JDA/Manugistics projects, and he is considered by colleagues and clients alike to be one of the very best Technical Architects in the marketplace.

“Working with JBF Consulting allows me to focus on what I do best. Instead of worrying about marketing my skills and dealing with paperwork, I get to spend my time tackling our clients’ transportation and supply chain challenges.”

On the rare occasions when he’s not busy improving supply chain processes, Reggie spends every possible free moment pursuing his other passion with equal fearlessness and precision: motorcycle riding. Based in North Georgia, Reggie is a major sport bike enthusiast and road tripper, traveling just about everywhere his bikes will take him, including as far north as Nova Scotia, and west to the ranges of Colorado. When he’s not riding solo, he can often be found traveling with long-time friend John Dean. While working together on a large project at CHEP, the two discovered their shared hobby and have been touring together ever since.

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