Webinar Jan 24 1PM EST: 2012 TMS Users Survey

Supply Chain Insights

Does your organization use a Transportation Management System (TMS)? If so, do you believe you are utilizing the system you have to its greatest potential? Is transportation optimization important to you?
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Chances are, if you’re like most TMS users – you are mostly satisfied with your TMS. But, you also think that you need better insight into the data (analytics), tighter connectivity to internal systems and external trading partners, and greater supply chain visibility.

You might also wonder why TMS software vendors and implementation providers are always pitching optimization – when most companies believe it’s not the holy grail?

This webinar will review the results of the 2012 TMS Users Survey from Supply Chain Insights “State of Transportation: Where are we on the Vision of Automation” and bring in panelists from industry and consulting to share insights and best practices to help you leverage the value of your current TMS.

The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, November 27th from 2:00pm-3:00pm EST.

On the webinar, we’ll be discussing the following topics:
  • TMS survey results

Brad Forester: Managing Partner, JBF Consulting
Lora Cecere: President, Supply Chain Insights
Derron Mirtsching: Associate Partner-OTM Practice, IBM
Rob Checchia: Director Transportation CoE, Loblaw Companies Limited

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  • Is optimization relevant anymore?
  • Driving better (or any) analytics from your TMS
  • Strategies to better utilize your TMS
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