Partner Profile – Jim Noltimier

It may seem like our team at JBF is bound as much by our joy of the outdoors as we are by supply chain management! A self-described adrenaline junkie and warm weather baby, Jim fits right in, combating his road-warrior lifestyle with a strong dose of physical activities and healthy eating. When not out riding his motorcycle or his road bike, he likes to spend every possible moment out on Lake Martin, waterskiing, boating, and basking in the sun.

I’m a solver. It’s always been what I do best because it’s what I love. In supply chain, every client has a different puzzle to solve. What makes the work so interesting for me is getting to figure out the best way to put all the pieces together to create an optimal solution.

Jim has been working in supply chain management since 1988. He began his career in operations management, moved to account management, and finally settled comfortably on supply chain software in 1998 where he continues to focus today. His most recent project has him in Phoenix, Arizona where he’s currently helping clients solve their OTM and G-log challenges. When not working, Jim is thrilled to be in a place where he can soak up the sun and put in some miles on his road bike.



Partner-Profile--Jim Noltimier

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