Louis’s Learnings: First Contact

This week I started my first project for JBF Consulting. The client is in the automotive industry and has engaged with us to implement the DesCartes TMS.

Over my too many years of consulting, I have conceived something called Louis’s Law of Business Bounty which states that a company only needs to do 2 or 3 things really well to be able to thrive in the marketplace.

While the name of the law sounds snazzy and is my original material (ahem), its content is probably something I unconsciously derived from reading yet another business book. I will say that I have “validated” the Law working with all my clients over the years. It is as true for Fortune 50 companies as it is for starts up exploding on the marketplace.

The reason I bring up the Law is that my latest client definitely fits the bill.

They currently manage their transportation operations using manual and paper processes. They are probably a couple of decades behind compared to industry leaders. Kudos to them though in terms of having built an enduring business that has succeeded over many more decades.

I look forward to working with their very engaged and capable staff to bring them several leaps forward.