Louis’s Learnings: The First Week of a Project

As I wrote on LinkedIn, I started a new project this week. Our client is a manufacturer in the automobile industry. JBF Consulting was hired to help them implement a Transportation Management System (TMS).

Kick-offs are one of my favorite parts of a project. The atmosphere is typically light, stress is low, people are engaged, much attention is given by the sponsors and the general disposition is one of the sky-being-the-limit. My greatest concern is the lack of urgency which normally results in long hours at the end of the project. The key is to get quick alignment on the schedule and hold people accountable to their responsibilities.

For this project, the first three weeks consists of visiting the distribution operations of our client’s business units. I’m really looking forward to learning about their processes and systems. Change management is a important aspect of these visits. We want to get alignment and buy-in with the local leadership and staff. Having an open and candid discussion is the best way to get things going on the right foot!