JBF Freight Transportation Bulletin May 2020

JBF Freight Transportation Bulletin May 2020

Hot off the press: JBF Freight Transportation Bulletin May 2020.

Welcome to the May 2020 Freight Transportation BulletinGlobal economics, freight markets and technological innovation all impact your supply chains and logistics operations.  

To keep you informed, JBF Consulting team sources content from leading industry analysts as well as provide our own take on our primary area of expertise, namely logistics technology.

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In This Issue: 
May Transport-Centric Macroeconomic Metrics
Post-Quarantine Recovery for Distributors
Louis’s Learning: Launching an Instructional Video Series
Using Your TMS Instead of BTL for Load Building
TMS Kick-Off for an Automotive Industry Manufacturer
Spotlight: #MadGaines

Transport-Centric Macroeconomic Metrics 


Some factors that we are following that you may find of interest. Read the 5/29/2020 update

Spotlight: #MadGaines

There’s an informative discussion happening on LinkedIn from Cassandra Gaines #madtropolis show, about why there is a disconnect between those who work in “supply chain” and those who work in transportation. 

We see this all the time with shippers + technology as well. The traditional definition of ‘Supply Chain’ with regards to technology is Demand Forecasting / Supply Planning / Inventory Optimization / Network Design. Warehouse and Transportation tend to get their own ‘box’ in ‘Supply Chain Execution’.

Shippers may view this as an optimal organization design, but it does create some barriers to internal collaboration and process flow. Conflicting departmental objectives are also common signs we look for.

Even within Supply Chain ‘Execution’ – when your warehouse/distribution team is measured on throughput or OTIF, while your transportation team is measured on spend/trailer utilization…these can present big challenges designing an end-to-end process.

Weigh in on the LinkedIn conversation here.

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