Louis’s Learning: Instructional Video Series

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This past week I’ve been busy writing, producing and starring [ahem, cough, cough] in an instructional video series. The goal is to educate the audience on what can be done with analytics and optimization in Transportation operations.

In the first “season”, we will start with a relatively simple analysis looking at evaluating the benefits of a shipping pool-point. While somewhat straight forward in nature, there were enough twists and plot turns thrown into the analysis to keep things interesting. Each video will be approximately 10 min in duration and will focus on a particular phase of the analysis from project launch to final delivery.

The videos will be given from the aspect of a consultant whether external or internal to a business. The idea is to provide insight beyond just the actual number-crunching phase of the project. While playing with numbers it the fun part (at least for me!), there is much more to delivering a successful project than coming up with some values.

The target audience for these videos is a supply chain practitioner who is familiar with transportation concepts, data manipulation techniques and wants to learn or improve his/hers mathematical modeling skills. You can fast-forward through the numbers stuff if you are more interested in the conceptual aspects of the analysis.

For the next study, i.e., “season”, I will want to delve into something a little more complex, but am open to the audience’s interests as well. Is there a problem you are facing and want to solve? An Idea you want to test out? Please reach out to me at louis.bourassa@jbf-consulting. I’ll make sure to keep things anonymous!

Louis Bourassa is the Analytics & Optimization Practice Head at JBF Consulting. He provides analytical and optimization support to JBF clients. Louis has a diverse background with a mix of industry, consulting and software roles that allowed him to develop a strong business acumen and expert knowledge of supply chain analysis and design.

Founded in 2003, JBF Consulting is a supply chain execution strategy and systems integrator to logistics-intensive companies of every size and any industry. Our background and deep experience in the field of packaged logistics technology implementation positions us as industry leaders whose craftsmanship exceeds our client expectations. We expedite the transformation of supply chains through logistics & technology strategy, packaged & bespoke software implementation, and analytics & optimization. For more information, visit us at www.jbf-consulting.com

image source: macrovector via freepik.com