Transport-Centric Macroeconomic Metrics: July 27, 2020 update

The TL market continues to be surprisingly strong with no sign of slowing.  From being completely dead in April, spot rates are now up over 30% from their lows this spring and are now averaging over $2.00.  This is the highest they have been since December, 2018.  

DAT Van Rates July 27-2020

Additionally, ocean container freight rates from East Asia to the US are at their highest levels in nearly 2 years, although we have seen these rates level off in the past month.  Still the rates are about 100% higher than they were just 4 months ago.

Ocean Container-East Asia to US Freightos-July27-2020

On the positive side, oil remains around $40 / barrel, which is keeping the national diesel average at around $2.40 / gallon.

National Diesel prices - July 27-2020

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