E-Commerce and the Hockey Stick

It will surprise no one to hear that e-commerce experienced a spike in demand in the second quarter of this year. The U.S. Census Bureau published this data in mid-August: Estimated Quarterly U.S. … [Read more...]

Modeling Labor Costs in Supply Chain Design

Labor costs in a supply chain can have a significant impact when deciding where your DCs should be located. According to the 2019 Occupational Employment Statistics published by the U.S. Bureau of … [Read more...]

The Labor Factor in Supply Chain Design

In a perfect world, when conducting a Supply Chain Design (SCD or alternatively called Network Design and Network Optimization) project to determine the optimal location for your Distribution Centers … [Read more...]

Duration of a Supply Chain Design Project

The duration of a Supply Chain Design (SCD) project, also called Network Design and Network Optimization, is dependent on many factors including availability of data, quality of data, the ability of … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Design and Data Manipulation

Which tool should you use? A lot of the work involved in Supply Chain Design (SCD), also called Network Design and Network Optimization, requires the manipulation of large quantities of data. In … [Read more...]

Llamacon 2020 Recap

We attended the Llamacon conference (#LLamaCon) this past week (June 16 to 18). This is a yearly event held by Llamasoft that brings together the world community of Supply Chain Design (SCD).  Like … [Read more...]

Post-Quarantine Recovery for Distributors

One of the industries that has been hit hardest by the quarantine is foodservice. This white paper by Technomic estimates a drop in 18 to 26% of consumer spending in 2020 for the sector.  The … [Read more...]

Of ERP and TMS Implementations

ERP implementations are notoriously difficult to tackle. The list of failed projects is long and makes for entertaining, if lurid, reading: The Biggest ERP Failures of All Time, Eric Kimberling and … [Read more...]

Data Validation

As we write this, much of the world is hunkered down in their home trying to escape infection and propagation of the COVID-19 virus. We are grateful to all those who are still helping others and … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Design – The Basics

Supply chain design, sometimes referred to as network design or network modeling, is a well-accepted decision support tool used by many companies to optimize the footprint of their operations. The … [Read more...]