Mark Kroner

JDA Transport, Functional

Mark Kroner has some serious brainpower. In his freetime, Mark enjoys memory competitions, mentalism, movie premiers with Hollywood’s elite, and the occasional World Poker Tour tournament. When he is with a client, Mark leverages his vast mental capacity to come up with truly unique and comprehensive solutions. With an eye for minutiae, Mark excels in the details of configuration, testing, and deployment of JDA Transportation software.

Besides having 9 years of JDA Transport experience, Mark is also a former JDA Super User, Big 5 consultant and Industrial Engineer. He is also the only JBF Consulting Partner to have lost a Mixed Martial Arts fight (needless to say…none of the others have tried) – which makes him a really Killer Bee!

Applications JDA Transport, Freight Pay, Carrier, Monitor, Delivery Management
Industries Specialty Retail, Grocery Retail, CPG
Specialty Configuration, Optimization

Quick Facts: Mark is a 3rd degree student of Bruce Lee, having studied Jeet Kune Do with Dan Inosato.

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Mark Kroner