Unsolicited Commercial Email Policy

Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (Anti-Spam) Policy
Internet user privacy is of paramount importance to JBF Consulting and our clients. We support the protection of client and consumers’ privacy rights as a fundamental element of our business.

A. Message Recipient Policy
Before clients can receive JBF Consulting or any clients of JBF Consulting customers messages, advertising or promotions, client must have agreed to receive such messages. Any recipient may request at any time to be removed from our list, and we will comply with that request. In addition, we will thoroughly investigate any allegations made by recipients relating to unsolicited messages.

B. Policy against advertising our website using unsolicited email messages
We require that all e-mails promoting JBF Consulting or its services are sent only to clients who have agreed to receive such messages. We prohibit any advertising of our brand and Web site using unsolicited email messages.