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Killer Bees for hire…

JBF Consulting Partners are often retained as functional or technical architects by “Big 5” consulting firms. We provide immediate depth and application expertise to a project team of any size. Increasingly, many of our consultants are “private labeled” and sold back to clients at a premium by the software vendors or the large integrators. Of course, you can always skip the middle-men and contact us directly – we’re happy to do all the work! Either way, we’re used to being the “bright lights” in the room.

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  • Implementation Execution – Design, Configuration, Development, Installation, Project Management
  • Analytics & Optimization – Continuously Improving Your Supply Chain
  • Upgrade Management – Planning, Migration, Training, Testing
  • Performance Tuning – Benchmarking, Database Tuning, Script Optimizing
  • Custom Development – Web Interface, Portals, Reporting
  • TMS Software Selection – ‘Desired End State’ Definition, RFI/RFP, Vendor Selection, Process Design
  • Advisory – ‘Key Man’ Advisory Services for Large Transportation Programs