E-Commerce and the Hockey Stick

It will surprise no one to hear that e-commerce experienced a spike in demand in the second quarter of this year. The U.S. Census Bureau published this data in mid-August: Estimated Quarterly U.S. … [Read more...]

Modeling Labor Costs in Supply Chain Design

Labor costs in a supply chain can have a significant impact when deciding where your DCs should be located. According to the 2019 Occupational Employment Statistics published by the U.S. Bureau of … [Read more...]

The Labor Factor in Supply Chain Design

In a perfect world, when conducting a Supply Chain Design (SCD or alternatively called Network Design and Network Optimization) project to determine the optimal location for your Distribution Centers … [Read more...]

Duration of a Supply Chain Design Project

The duration of a Supply Chain Design (SCD) project, also called Network Design and Network Optimization, is dependent on many factors including availability of data, quality of data, the ability of … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Design and Data Manipulation

Which tool should you use? A lot of the work involved in Supply Chain Design (SCD), also called Network Design and Network Optimization, requires the manipulation of large quantities of data. In … [Read more...]

Llamacon 2020 Recap

We attended the Llamacon conference (#LLamaCon) this past week (June 16 to 18). This is a yearly event held by Llamasoft that brings together the world community of Supply Chain Design (SCD).  Like … [Read more...]

Of ERP and TMS Implementations

ERP implementations are notoriously difficult to tackle. The list of failed projects is long and makes for entertaining, if lurid, reading: The Biggest ERP Failures of All Time, Eric Kimberling and … [Read more...]

Data Validation

As we write this, much of the world is hunkered down in their home trying to escape infection and propagation of the COVID-19 virus. We are grateful to all those who are still helping others and … [Read more...]

Of Blockchains, Supply Chains and Amara’s Law

Good news, this is NOT yet another article extolling the virtues of blockchains! In fact, it's somewhat the contrary. We are not saying that blockchains are bad or useless, but some of us have … [Read more...]

Detail Design of a TMS Implementation

This past week, three JBF Consulting colleagues and a dedicated group of subject matter experts, business leads and IT leads/analysts on the client-side spent this past week sequestered in a … [Read more...]