Automotive | JDA

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Welcome to The Hive

Welcome to "The Hive" - where we share information, the latest 'buzz', and generate ideas that most clients can use. Sometimes it might be product information, or a video on a new application feature, … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Provider | JDA

Project: New Implementation Apps: JDA Transport 7.5.2 Business Scope: International Imports Focus: Optimization, User Defined Tables, WebWorks Framework … [Read more...]

Consumer Goods | JDA

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Supply Chain Turbulence

I recently had the privilege of attending the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics - Crossroads 2009 conference . The theme for the day was 'Managing Supply Chains in Turbulent Times' as … [Read more...]

Video: Creating a Simple DSW Audit Trail

Click this link for the video: Audit Trail Video will take about 20 seconds to load. In this video, I demonstrate how to create a load-level audit trail for the DSW Action 'Disband Freight … [Read more...]

Taking A Leap: Moving My Business to Mac

I am a professional consultant and this is my professional website. Yet, somehow this post is almost personal. I have been a Laptop-PC-carrying consultant since 1997, traveling in and out of the world … [Read more...]

‘Standing’ Orders in JDA Transport

I'm often asked by clients whether the JDA Transport module is capable of handling 'Standing Orders' or 'Static Orders' (meaning orders that repeat on a set frequency, often daily, and usually to the … [Read more...]

Using Transport Instead of BTL for Load Building

In a recent project, our team was tasked to design and implement a solution for a client that would drive Load Building functionality with Recommended Shipments from Fulfillment. Through a detailed … [Read more...]

JDA acquires i2

On August 11 of this year, JDA Software announced the acquisition of i2 Technologies. In April of 2006 JDA acquired long-time i2 rival Manugistics, which has arguably been the core of the JDA product … [Read more...]